Optional and obligatory audits


Scope of audits:

  • Optional audits, aimed at confirming that books are properly run or to identify hidden threats (“skeletons in the closet”), which may be harmful to the company and consequently to the company’s management board. The audit is conducted in the following interpenetrating fields:
  1. Legal audit (together with a lawyer specializing in a particular area)
  2. Tax audit, covering contracts and transactions concluded by  the company, the respective tax of which might not be time-barred, transfer pricing issues and adequate documentation
  3. Accounting audit, assuring that main transactions and operations are properly reflected in the books and confirming that financial statements are presented fairly and give true view of the company standing
  4. Financial audit, covering profitability analysis of the firm, optimum usage of company’s recourses and effectiveness of finance management


  • Mandatory audit of financial statements imposed by the accountancy law. Audit carried out by certified auditor.