Management reporting


We design and construct reports that speaks business language in contrary to finance language.

We do realize how important information can be drawn from accounting data. It helps you in taking sound decision and solves strategic problems. Thus we offer to prepare and implement the management information system.

Controlling services comprises:

  • Preparation of regular reports of budget execution, including gap analysis and corresponding data of the previous year
  • Allocation of expenses to cost and profit centers and monitoring of chosen costs or costs clusters

Examples of controlling services:

  • Definition of expenses alerts : monitoring of chosen expenses and notification in case of surpassing. For example, expenses alert can refer to monthly cost of mobile phones
  • Monitoring of selected expenses or expenses’ group (e.g. chosen employees/ departments taking into consideration wages, business trips, bonuses and phones)
  • Comprehensive monitoring of revenue and expenses, including allocation keys for cost centers, allowing for monitoring of executed vs budgeted data, on monthly and cumulative basis. Is is feasible to report profitability of chosen departments or products, e.g. in transportation company profitability of international and domestic services can be reported separately

We also prepare tailor made, one-off reports on request.

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