Cost reduction

Is further cost cutting possible?

Too high overheads? Lacking capital? What is the most profitable product? In order to answer these questions, we prepare tailor-made reports – for managers, not for finance experts.

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Company formation

We set up: sole proprietorship, LLC and partnership, registered partnership, joint stock company, others


Full double entry accounting and simplified accounting, remuneration and HR administration, management reporting

Other services

Budgets, middle and long term financial plans, audits, transformation studies, business valuations

Our BLOG about company formation

Why us?

We have been dealing with accounting and taxes since 1995. We have accomplished complex tasks for our clients, but we can offer cost effective economy plans as well.

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    Our customers recommend us to another companies. That’s why 85% of our customers come from the references. 

    We believe that, in addition to the facts, values are also important. Since finance is our true passion, co-operation begins with understanding our clients’ business – to take care of their affairs and anticipate their problems. This is the best way for us to be not only an accountant, mindlessly recording transactions, but an effective advisor. We jointly consider the possibility of tax optimization, reduction of labor costs, or the introduction of mechanisms that will minimize costs – for example a systematic analysis of management reports. We are open to regular, personal meetings during which we discuss the current and strategic issues.

    Since 1995 we have proved that accounting is not just the cost center for the company. Skillful use of the vast amount of information contained in the accounting system can significantly improve the efficiency of the company and the profits of its owner.